Hi, I'm Sergi!

Interface and Backend Artisan. I work as a Cordova Developer at LanguageCourse.

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About me

I've been deeply involved in computer science since I was 10. I've moved from raw HTML and simple ASP+Access webpages to daily visited PHP websites and neat Android applications.

I've developed myself a lot less in the world of design, but that doesn't stop me from creating catchy, easy-going interfaces.

I love discovering libraries and tools others offer for free, hence my will to repay them with open source tools of mine. That's why I loved doing this site, with my own free tools and others' as well.

During my professional life, I've had to move from backend (securing data transfers, creating powerful, extensible and multilanguage administration panels, and basically, doing the "data retrieval stuff") to frontend (creating animations, giving predictable behaviors to input methods, etc.), as well as paying attention to timings and organisation of small teams of developers.

Although I work at a company, I'm always listening to new project ideas and offers. If you want, you can drop me a line at [email protected] or any other way of contact.

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Experienced in...


Full Stacking

I've been in the three sides of the website development. I've created interfaces with special detail in animations and transitions, I've prepared databases to fit the best with the information, and I've connected it altogether with code tailored to work as one with both ends of development.


Mobile development

Currently working as a Cordova developer for a company, I'm in charge of developing an app in 34 different flavors, daily used by thousands of people, holding a rating 4.51 stars.

On my spare time, I like to develop in Android and create useful, content-centered interfaces.


Solution focused

I've designed interfaces that are daily used internally in the office. They are tailored to be easy to use and connected to other data sources.

I've also created Error reporting tools for our Cordova apps, which help us solve errors in a breeze.


Release management

I've done more than a thousand releases for Android and iOS, automating them with scripts that prepare an app, compile it and upload it to each App Store.

I also automate the App and Play Store app entries, saving tens of hours when a change is needed.

If something can be automated, then it must be.
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Ah, I love cats, too
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