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About me

I've been deeply involved in computer science since I was 10. I've moved from raw HTML and simple ASP+Access webpages to daily visited PHP websites and neat Android applications.

I've developed myself a lot less in the world of design, but that doesn't stop me from creating catchy, easy-going interfaces.

I love discovering libraries and tools others offer for free, hence my will to repay them with open source tools of mine. That's why I loved doing this site, with my own free tools and others' as well.

During my professional life, I've had to move from backend (securing data transfers, creating powerful, extensible and multilanguage administration panels, and basically, doing the "data retrieval stuff") to frontend (creating animations, giving predictable behaviors to input methods, etc.), as well as paying attention to timings and organisation of small teams of developers.

Although I work at a company, I'm always listening to new project ideas and offers. If you want, you can drop me a line at hello at korcholis dot com or any other way of contact.


ANGrup logo

AN Grup

Backend, Frontend tied-up, behaviors

Developed a big backend for 13 independent websites (plus one corporative site), so all of them could be edited from the same place.

Multilanguage, totally customisable from the backend itself.

Images, contents and texts reusables for more than one site.

Also connected the views to the contents, and used external APIs (El Tenedor, Facebook).

See it working »

Perelada Comercial logo

Perelada Comercial

Contents originally fetched from a poorly designed database.

Full featured website using Toolbox.

Check this website »

The Republic Group logo

Republic Group

Content loaded from a single JSON.

Backend that fetches the JSON and then it stores back to the file.

Reach the website »

Volkswagen Puntored logo


Private intranet for people working at VW Spain.

Incredibly big project. Always growing.

Automatic file conversion.

Massive emails sent for almost anything.

Not publicly available

Viñasol 50 Años logo

Viñasol 50 años

Contest site, full navigation without changing of page.

Made a simple skeleton to manage animations between sections.

Sections are loaded asynchronously when you need them.

Works even in IE7.

Also made a cron that parses tweets with tags that depend on the moment of the contest.

The contest ends soon, check it while you can here »

BCNer logo


Small website showing week-rent flats in Barcelona.

Getting current weather from The Weather Channel.

Lots of filters, searches (seo friendly) and paginations.

Give it a sneak peek »

My projects

Alloe for Android, made by Korcholis


Alloe is a rapid budget prototyping application for Android. It lets you create budgets on the go that meet your client's specific requirements. Save your (and your clients') time by giving them a quick answer about their dreamt project right in the meeting.

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Clothio for Android, made by Korcholis


If you own a fabric shop, you are a tailor or a coolhunter, then Clothio may be your app. Organize (and track) efficiently and easily any fabric you find.

Feed Clothio with fabrics! »

Andrew, a Sublime Text 3 Plugin, made by Korcholis


Tired of heavy IDEs? For those who love Sublime Text as much as I do, but they still want to develop Android applications, Andrew will come really handy.

Go get Andrew! »

Toolbox, the PHP Picoframework, made by Korcholis


Toolbox is a pico-framework ready to use. It acts as both a framework (url matching, session / database handling...) or as a set of really useful and simple classes.

Meet Toolbox »

El Nombre Perfecto for Android, made by Korcholis

El Nombre Perfecto (Spanish application only)

Do you need the perfect name for the new family member? With a very simple interface, The Perfect Name is all you need to find the name for a baby.

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A pocket tool to access to your DigitalOcean droplets that will ease the tasks of maintaining them, resetting or upgrading them.

Coming soon!


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